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Project developer in the renewable energy sector, within SICILY ITALY.

The possibilities cooperates with investors and production company in the renewable energy sector, in order to realise small-medium and possibility large-scale projects in the field of wind and photovoltaic energy localizated in SICILY ITALY .
We have ample expertise and local and/or international networks at our disposal in order to develop projects efficiently and successfully
: Our offer:
We are looking for a suitable location for a wind farm project or photovoltaic plant. Subsequently, we will prepare this location for construction.
Within this context, we arrange for the following:

•administrative project development
• technical project development
• follow-up of the project during the construction phase

The GreenIngegneria looks for suitable locations and ensures that these are prepared for photovoltaic projects.
o In conjunction with investors,the company assumes responsibility for the project development, contracting, construction and management of the solar panel farm.
o The investors will finance the project and become the owners thereof, subject to obtaining the necessary permits.

Administrative project development
Within this context, the companyr conducts negotiations regarding lease rights and easements, completes the prevailing procedures for obtaining planning permission and environmental permits, and applies for subsidies (if applicable).
In addition, the company will take care of the administrative obligations with regard to obtaining a mains connection.

Technical project development
In first instance, the company prepares a 'Project Screening Report', as part of which it is checked whether the location meets the necessary requirements. This preliminary study comprises:

•Basic details of the location (surface area, number of owners of land or roofs, etc.).
•A study into the number of hours of sun per year.
•An estimate of the power output of the solar panel farm, taking into account the desired system (fixed, single-axis or double-axis).
•Listing and cataloguing possible access roads.
•Assessment of the possibilities to connect to a substation of the existing electrical grid.
•In a subsequent phase, an extensive study is carried out for the effective installation of the solar panels on land or roofs. This includes the following:
•Coordination of the soil survey by specialist services. Possibly supplemented with seismographic data.
•Shadow study.
•Electric project development, such as internal cabling and connection possibilities to the existing electrical grid.
•Implementation and safety plans, if required by the investor(s).
•Follow-up of the project during the construction phase, in conjunction with the manufacturers of the solar panels, cabling and others.
•Schedule of work
•Quality control
•Pre-final Inspection
•Final testing (with independent company)

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